Women in Motion: Erin Reese

Photography by Nicole Mitchem

Without proper recognition, oftentimes, our life's simple affairs and occurrences have a way of coming full circle. Nevertheless, rising actress and songstress Erin Reese knowingly appreciated her acting career's go-round moment, as she eventually had the pleasure of working with one of her greatest influences, the remarkable Dolly Parton. Through honing her natural-born talents while saluting those who sparked her passions, Erin can be seen taking over the epicenter of entertainment through her various acting credits and musical aspirations. In this exclusive interview, Erin discusses her experience working with her idol, how her childhood impacted her infatuation with the arts, and plans she has for the future.

Megan Morgante: Did anything or anyone, in particular, inspire you to enter the entertainment industry?

Erin Reese: Definitely my acting coach, Adrian R'Mante. He played Esteban on the Suite Life of Zack & Cody. I started acting when I was seven years old and I did his celebrity camp, CGTV, and he flew me out to LA. That's where my career started and he’s inspired me so much.

MM: Can you give an overview of your past in the entertainment industry and how it led you to where you are now?

ER: I entered the industry when I was five with modeling and I eventually began acting when I was seven. I started doing musical theater when I was ten, and I fell in love with singing, music, and the arts. As I got older, I got more involved with it all and now I just love it.

MM: You star on the YouTube series Chicken Girls...Congratulations. Can you give an overview of your experience working on set?

ER: Working on set was a lot of fun because every day I got to hang out with my best friends.

There were definitely a lot of laughs and it was just a really good time. It was super fun to be a part of.

MM: You recently released the song Hometown Heart, co-written by Jamie Floyd. Can you give some insight into what the process was like to release this song?

ER: It was my first time sitting in and writing, and it was a very cool process. They asked me a lot of questions and I explained my life to them. When we were writing, they were always asking if I loved the lyrics or if I wanted to change anything. So, I definitely put in a lot of my input and life experiences. Overall, it was a great experience.

MM: Do you have any new or upcoming projects that you're particularly excited about releasing later in the year?

ER: Yes, I do. I have a couple more songs coming out. My song “Little Bit of Blue” premieres on May 28th and I actually just filmed a music video for it, which I'm super excited about.

MM: What is the process that goes into the making of a music video?

ER: We usually plan it out a couple months or so before shooting, trying to see if we want to come up with a bit of a storyline. When we filmed the music video for Hometown Heart, some planning went into it, but it was mainly just me having fun, living life. They just captured really special moments.

MM: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career?

ER: Definitely filming the Dolly Parton movie, Coat of Many Colors. She is my idol and I love her, so that was definitely a huge accomplishment for me.

MM: What was it like getting to work with your idol? Did she live up to all of your expectations?

ER: I actually got to meet and hang out with her sister, Stella Parton. We got to talk on the phone with Dolly and she was the sweetest person ever. Whenever you hear about her being loving and caring, she definitely lives up to that.

MM: What would you say has been your favorite moment throughout your career?

ER: Signing to a junior label. Some doors are opening up for me, which is really nice.

MM: If you could see yourself in the future, what would you hope to be doing?

ER: My goal is to sing on the Grand Ole Opry and to come out with a whole lot more music. In terms of acting, my goal is to be cast in a Marvel movie. That’s my number one dream. But, you always have to have a Plan B, so I would love to be a nurse in the future.

MM: If you could work with anybody within the industry, involving your music or acting career, who would it be and why?

ER: That's a hard one. Music-wise, definitely Dolly Parton, of course. She’s such a powerful woman in the music industry and I look up to her a lot. In terms of acting, I would say Tom Holland. He’s a great actor and really talented, so it would be an honor to be in a movie with him.

Photography by Nicole Mitchem