Women in Motion: Carolina Miranda

Photography by Luis de la Luz

Oftentimes, taking in the language and a mere dialogue exchange in pristine film and television can flood our senses and spark inhibitions and ideas of our own. Now, having ideas versus finding a way to speak them to an obliging audience, are two contrasting concepts. Actress Carolina Miranda found this to be true, as she left her modeling behind in an effort to use her voice for a larger purpose. After honing her creatively inclined talents and using her voice to depict enticing on-screen personas, Carolina can now be seen showcasing her gift in the Netflix series, Who Killed Sara. In this exclusive interview, Carolina discusses her past in the industry, her extracurriculars outside of acting, and advice she has for aspiring entertainers.

Megan Morgante: Why did you decide to become an actress?

Carolina Miranda: I decided to become an actress because when I was a model, I didn’t have much of a voice. I wanted to step out of that box and experience more, and with acting, I love being able to play different characters and bring their stories to light.

MM: What did you think when the show became number one?

CM: I think Who Killed Sara is number one right now because it's a real story and there are many stories out there like that. It’s a mystery about a woman being murdered and it leaves the audience wanting more. The writers did an amazing job creating such great characters and adding so many layers to the story.

MM: What else do you like to do besides act? What other hobbies do you have?

CM: I love to sing! It would be incredible if I was in musicals or became a pop singer! I’m actually working on a song right now. Musicals are great because it's so much more than just acting, you have to be able to sing and dance all while remembering lines. It would definitely make me a better actress overall!

MM: What has been the biggest challenge?

CM: I think the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career is being away from my family. Not being able to see my parents is difficult. Being an actress can be very demanding of your time so it gets hard being away from them for so long.

Photography by Luis de la Luz

MM: What's your favorite movie?

CM: I have many favorite movies, but if I had to choose, for science fiction I would say Avatar. Such a great film! I also really love romance/drama movies so P.S, I Love You and The Notebook I would say are my favorite.

MM: Who would you like to work with as a director?

CM: It would be amazing to work with Tim Burton, Guillermo Del Toro, or Alfonso Cuaron. Such incredible filmmakers!

MM: Can you give any advice to anyone that wants to get into the business?

CM: My advice to someone who wants to be in the entertainment industry would be to stay disciplined but also give yourself breaks and rest when you need to. It can be a very difficult career but if you want it you can get it, never give up.

MM: Are you excited to be working in the United States?

CM: Very excited! It’s such a big opportunity for me as a Mexican Latino actress to be able to work in the US, it’s always been a big dream of mine. I am very proud and excited to be here.

Photography by Luis de la Luz