Madison Iseman Feature Story for Fall/Winter'20

Photography by: Krissy Saleh

A commonality many movie-goers share is the euphoric rush that runs through you while watching a film. This rare burst of unparalleled emotions tends to spark an, “...I can do anything,” epiphany across theater rows. Madison Iseman, renowned actress, possessed this same feeling while being captivated by Emma Watson's stellar acting, which she credits for sparking her move to Los Angeles. “Going to the theater as a kid was my favorite thing in the world. I loved being able to escape my mind for two hours. Emma Watson was definitely who inspired me most. I remember watching her growing up and thinking, “…She's like my age, that could be me!” After saying farewell to her simplistic and laidback lifestyle in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at sixteen years old, Madison auditioned hundreds of times before she got her first "yes,” and it wasn't until she turned eighteen when she booked a job that could pay the bills. “That job allowed me to move to Nashville for two years, which was the best. I absolutely love Nashville. From then on, I got really lucky and continued to work consistently. I feel extremely lucky that I was able to work and support myself at such a young age. This business is the farthest thing from easy, sometimes I question how I was able to do it.” 

Now, at a mere twenty-three years old, Madison is thriving in the entertainment industry with various exciting projects lined up, one of which being the Disney + teen drama, Clouds. “Clouds is based on the real-life of seventeen-year-old Zach Sobiech who passed away in 2013 from Osteosarcoma. When Zach finds out he is terminal, he begins to write music with his best friend Sammy. I play Amy Adamle, Zach's girlfriend. This project is so special and close to my heart. It's so much more than just a movie, it was created and touched by everyone in Zach's life. His friends and family were involved every step of the way, from script revisions to casting, and even being there on set as we filmed. It made everything so much more special. Our movie is less about loss and saying goodbye and more about living your life to the greatest potential. Over everything, we wanted to create something that honored Zach, his music, his family, and friends. You can expect a lot of tears and laughs.” Alongside Clouds, Madison is also set to star in the newest Blumhouse thriller, Nocturne, opposite of Sydney Sweeney. “Sydney is a dream to work alongside. She's extremely talented and shines throughout the entire film.” The chilling thriller follows a young piano student who begins to outshine her sister after finding a journal that once belonged to a former student who mysteriously passed away. “You can expect a lot of sibling rivalry and unsettling music. We spent hours and days learning to mock-play these classical pieces on the piano as if we’ve been playing our entire life. It was much more difficult than I imagined, but so much fun. I also spent many hours one-on-one with our director going through the material. It was a very in-depth process from the day I booked the part, to our first day on set. This is by no means a "feel good" movie, so if you love psychological horrors, you're going to love this.”

Photography by: Krissy Saleh

As a multi-faceted actress, Madison has grown accustomed to portraying several diverse characters for different projects, as she describes the process of changing characters as being comparable to putting on a pair of shoes. “I always try to find a different piece of myself in all of the characters and go from there. That way they are all authentic to me as Madison, but extended versions of myself. Though, depending on the role, I'll have to do an extra bit of research, which I really enjoy doing. I'm always up for a challenging character. I've always found switching from character to character to be pretty easy, like putting on a pair of shoes. When I get home after work, I'll just leave my shoes at the door next to all my other shoes. Every character I've played has a special place in my heart and they'll live with me forever. I've gotten to explore different parts of myself through all of them. If I had to pick a favorite experience, it would probably be when I got to play Mary Ellen in Annabelle Comes Home. Simply because we got to do a lot of crazy stunts and really awesome camera tricks. I also just really love horror movies.” With different roles come unique challenges and breakthroughs, as Madison details her journey navigating the ever-changing world of Hollywood. “This business is so interesting, and I find I'm constantly learning as the years go on. The ability to evolve and change is a major advantage in this business because it is constantly shifting lanes. My biggest triumph has been my own, personal happiness. It's very easy to get knocked down in this business, so keeping a positive outlook has been a major win.” 

Although rewarding, life in Hollywood can be all-consuming, as Madison details her favorite methods of unwinding. “While I'm not working, I really enjoy reading. I can go through a book a day if I'm feeling up to it. I also love spending time with friends and family, that's probably the most important to me. An average day for me consists of waking up early(ish), going on a run or doing something good for my body, going to my local coffee shop, reading, or spending time with friends.” With hard work, dedication, and a resilient mindset, Madison has proven to her younger-self that if you can believe it, you can achieve it; as we look forward to seeing Madison Iseman take the world by storm. 

Photography by Krissy Saleh

Written by Megan Morgante

Styling by Yuval Ashkenazi

Assistant Styling by Tiffany Wang

Makeup by Loren Canby

Hairstyling by Ryan Richman