Meet the Team

Megan Morgante - photography by Jude Ris

Megan Morgante


Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Megan Morgante, the CEO and

editor-in-chief of Noemi Magazine, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Megan plans on making waves in the fashion industry, as Megan and her expanding team are making notable strides to further inclusivity and diversity within the walls of the fashion industry. She would describe herself as a fiery spirit who isn't afraid of a challenge!


Danii Parkes


Beauty Director

Danii Parkes is a New York and Toronto-based makeup artist. Danii’s primary goal is to enhance an individual's natural beauty through her makeup artistry. Danii will play an on-set role as a makeup artist as well as beauty director, as she actively plans and strategizes makeup looks for Noemi Magazine.

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Gillian Ratto

Beauty Editor

Gillian Ratto, Noemi Magazine's beauty editor, has 10+ years in the beauty care industry, as she's knowledgeable with both ingredients and finished goods development.  Wearing many hats, Gillian is experienced in lab formulations, global product development from inception to launch, and overall beauty care business development. 

In her spare time, she works with her Alma Mater, Monmouth University, to help guide young scientists in careers
that they love, meditates and strengthens her daily self - skincare rituals based off the ideology of her
all-inclusive brand, Every1.


Krystena Patton


Senior Photographer


Social Media Manager

Krystena Patton, Noemi Magazine's senior photographer, is a freelance fashion and lifestyle photographer based in New York City. She has explored all aspects of visual arts and photography from fashion campaigns, documentary projects, and on the go content creation for innovative brands. Her approach is authentic and accessible to all.


Khayla Biscoe


Fashion + Editorial


Khayla Biscoe is currently attending LIM College as a junior majoring in Fashion Media. Her dream job is to have a position in fashion editorial or be the editor-in-chief of a magazine. She has a strong passion for design, writing and overall creating content by manipulating image and text to produce a cohesive page. A few of her hobbies include working with Photoshop, writing on her blog, and watching tons of movies! 


Rebecca Erlich

Fashion + Editorial Assistant

Rebecca Erlich is a Toronto-based journalist currently pursuing a degree in Political Science at Queen's University. Rebecca is passionate about gender equality, environmental advocacy, and animal welfare. Say hi on instagram at @rebeccaerlich. 


Jhanvi Mahajan


Fashion + Editorial Assistant

Jhanvi Mahajan is a senior Honours Commerce and Mental Health, Addictions and Society student at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. After graduation, Jhanvi hopes to use her knowledge to help the most marginalized communities in our global community in any way possible.